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Retirement Plan Advisors of VA (RPAVA) is an independent financial services company based in Fork Union VA.  We specialize in advising business owners about how to develop and manage their employer sponsored retirement plans.  The owner and founder of RPAVA, Rudy Garcia is dually registered with HBW Advisory Services LLC (HBWAS) as an Investment Advisor Representative and with HBW Securities LLC (HBWS) as a Registered Representative in Virginia. Robert Charlton, Professional Plan ConsultantTM is an Investment Advisor Representative with HBWAS. Both of the principals of RPAVA have undergone extensive specialized training in the employer sponsored plan arena, with both receiving the prestigious Professional Plan ConsultantTM designation from Robert Morris University.  In addition, Rudy has also received the coveted Chartered Retirement Plan SpecialistSM Designation from the College for Financial Planning.

Working through our Registered Investment Advisor, we help you choose the best solution for your plan and your employees.  Because neither HBWAS nor HBWS offer a proprietary “in-house” 401(k) plan, we have no incentive to sell any specific product, but work with virtually all the different product and service providers in the 401(k) market. As a result we are able to offer fully independent recommendations to you and your employees.

Most commission-based 401(k) plans offered through Insurance Companies and Mutual Fund Companies limit investment options to only stock and bond mutual funds because they provide no investment advice or professional money management leaving the plan participant on their own to make investment decisions.   They also tend to shift the responsibility to the plan participant to manage their portfolios and place all the fiduciary liability of the investment options offered and participant losses onto the plan sponsor/employer.

Our Registered Investment Advisory 401(k) solutions address all of these issues.  We provide investment advice to all active participants. We can also provide ‘Turn-Key’ professional active money management utilizing all asset classes including non-correlated asset classes.  Some of our plan providers contractually assume full 3(38) fiduciary responsibility for the investment options and performance relieving the plan sponsor/employer of this responsibility.  

Our 401(k) solutions feature Fee-Based 401(k) plans rather than commission-based 401(k) plans. We offer regulated Registered Investment Advisory firms to provide ‘active’ professional money management with complete transparency of fees and costs.  We offer you the ability to use your existing TPA or ours.  We help you design your plan based around your needs.  Our goal is to help you maximize participation rate and participant contributions while producing superior investment results, minimizing participant anxiety and reducing employer exposure to liability.

In those cases where moving to a fee based platform doesn’t make sense because of the way the plan is designed, we can work with you to evaluate your current investment selections and choose the best performing funds available on your platform.  We can also provide ongoing employee education as a part of our services.

Navigating the 401(k) market is especially tricky in today’s turbulent waters.  We stand ready to help you enjoy smooth sailing to a safe harbour moving forward.

Retirement Plan Advisors of Virginia are proud supporters of the Families of the Wounded Fund.  For more information on this organization, which provides support for families and caregivers of military service men and women who have either been wounded in combat operations or injured as the result of line-of-duty activities in support of combat operations, please visit their website.

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Advisory services offered through Global View Capital Management, Ltd. (GVCM). GVCM is a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm headquartered at N14 W23833 Stone Ridge Dr., Suite 350, Waukesha, WI 53188. Rudy Garcia and Robert Charlton are Investment Advisor Representatives of GVCM which is affiliated with Global View Capital Advisors. Supervising office 262-650-1030